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Originally formed in 1990, the Preschool-Kindergarten Partnership has recently been resurrected, operating under the same goals as the original. PKP is a collaboration between preschool providers, the Pinellas County License Board, Pinellas County Schools, and the Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County. 

Teacher and Class

Our Mission

To ensure each child is prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten

Our Vision

Working together for children

Our Goals

  1. Establish a countywide communication network of preschool and kindergarten teachers

  2. Provide tools/resources for preschool teachers and families that contribute to a successful kindergarten transition

  3. To encourage parents to set appropriate goals for their children

  4. Coordinate professional development that supports teachers as they prepare their children to transition to kindergarten

  5. To identify preschool children with special needs and to develop ways to share this information with the appropriate people

  6. Facilitate the children’s transition from preschool to kindergarten

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